Advertising & Bread

Nothing to do with each other, really, except that while we were waiting for the bread to bake this afternoon we perused the Target catalog that came in the mail.  Cole stopped page flipping and zeroed in on a full page ad of an elementary school aged boy playing with an electric race track.  He immediately said, “Mommy, can I get that race track for my birthday?  And can I get that boy, too, to come help me with it?” I replied, “Cole, maybe you can save up some money to buy that race track,” and I went back to checking the bread.  I turned back and around and heard Cole rooting through my purse on the kitchen table.  “I’m looking for money, Mommy, for that race track!”   Seriously, advertising works. 

Now, the bread…Yum! (and so easy, too)



One thought on “Advertising & Bread

  1. Wow, Anne, Cole is starting early! Usually you have to wait until your kids have ages in the double-digits before they start digging through your purse, looking for money. Of maybe my kids don’t do that because they know the LAST thing they will find in my bag is money! 🙂

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