Posted in April 2009

Smoothie Pops

Make a big smoothie in a blender.  Pour into dixie cups and freeze.   A couple of hours into freezing, put wooden sticks in the cups.  When completely frozen, peel off the cup.  Enjoy a very healthy and refreshing snack!  So healthy that I even gave the boys smoothie pops for breakfast.   Advertisements


                  We enjoyed the beautiful morning at the fountains in front of the Music School at I.U.   Our first trip this year!  The fountains are about a mile away from our house.   The water was very chilly, but the boys splashed around anyway.  The wind … Continue reading

First Words…

Most posts titled this way are typed by parents with toddlers.  Well, we do have a toddler, but this is not about him.  It’s about MY first words!     I spoke tonight, at the end of my 5th day of voice rest.  It wasn’t planned.  It was a sneak attack to catch Chris off … Continue reading


We enjoyed being outside today!  A family trip to Lowe’s, a visit to our friend Wendy, grilled chicken for dinner, and lots of sand and water play.  Cole asked to play baseball with Chris, too.  Maybe I spoke too soon when I said he wasn’t interested in balls?   Good throw, Cole!


Max shared Cheerios with me on Thursday afternoon while I rested after surgery.   He loved playing with the remote, too! So maybe you’re interested in how a silent wife and mom mixes with a husband and two energetic boys?  Let me tell you, it’s HARD.  I can’t give the boys breakfast choices.  I can’t … Continue reading

Singin’ Karaoke

        Good afternoon from me…Silent Mama.   I spent the morning here, at Monroe Hospital.  Dr. Phillips removed my vocal cord cyst, and told me that I’d be singin’ karaoke in no time.  That’s what I like to hear!   The surgery went as well as possible, and I’m now on vocal … Continue reading


Lightning Trapped in a Magic Pot by Cole We used Cole’s birthday money to buy him this digital camera.  It’s awesome and it’s Mac compatible!   I asked him which photo he’d like to put on the blog and he chose this one and titled it himself.  Enjoy!


Max loves balls!  Tonight after his bath, he played basketball by himself for a little while.  We’ve never taught him how to shoot a basket.  He just did it!  He dunked and dunked and dunked until it was time to go to bed.  And then he cried!  Earlier today he was kicking the soccer ball … Continue reading

Happy Easter

We had a great Easter weekend!  Chris had Saturday and Sunday off!  Since Chris works in retail now, it’s been a while since he’s had 2 days off in a row, much less actually on the weekend.   We celebrated on Saturday with my family in Indianapolis, complete with egg hunt and yummy food.  On … Continue reading

Work & Play

                      Max pushed the boys’ laundry basket all the way from his room to the top of the basement stairs the other day!  Big muscle Max!   Today he zoomed around the driveway on his tractor.  The tractor was a Christmas gift that he is … Continue reading