Smoothie Pops


Make a big smoothie in a blender.  Pour into dixie cups and freeze.   A couple of hours into freezing, put wooden sticks in the cups.  When completely frozen, peel off the cup.  Enjoy a very healthy and refreshing snack!  So healthy that I even gave the boys smoothie pops for breakfast.  


2 thoughts on “Smoothie Pops

  1. Dannon makes these little kid fruit flavored cottage cheese puree things here…they come in little containers, have a yogurt consistency to them. Anyhow, some years ago they stuck these small plastic spoon things to them so that you could make little ‘ice creams.’ You cut a slit in the top of the little container, stick in the plastic spoon, throw in the freezer. It’s awesome! I think it would work with any yogurt actually… I love your smoothie deals Anne, you rock! Seeing the picture above reminded me of the Dannon things. I went right out and bought a pack and Caleb and I “made ice cream.” Ha! Really miss you guys….

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