Posted in June 2009

Dixie Cup Pops

                      I just love making popsicles in Dixie cups.  I will never use a plastic popsicle mold again!  This week’s treat is Cookies ‘n Cream Pudding Pops, thanks to Kraft Food & Family magazine.    Mix 1 3oz. box instant chocolate pudding mix with 2 … Continue reading

Path O’Books

So I can’t take any credit for this one!  It was all Cole’s idea.  It started out as a few books to jump over after lunch.  We’ve been practicing jumping with both feet lately.  It’s a great way to use sticks constructively outside.  Make a jumping path!  Anyway…today it is rainy so we jumped inside. … Continue reading

Swimming Lessons

Cole’s butt is in the middle…shark suit.  Today was the first day of a 2-week session of swimming lessons at the Indiana University Outdoor Pool.  Cole was SO excited for the end of lesson prize….jumping in!   And I am so excited for Cole to learn water safety and swimming skills since he is quite … Continue reading

Camp & Backpacks

Cole has been having so much fun at YMCA Day Camp these last two weeks.  Thanks Bubba and Gammy!  He goes three mornings a week and even gets to swim and eat lunch at camp along with other fun activities.    Well, this morning as we were leaving, Max ran to their room and shouted … Continue reading

Float or Sink?

Cole and I conducted a float and sink experiment last week one day.  He searched the house for items to “test” in the water.  If he were a little older, we may have taken time to predict which items would float and sink, but he was so excited to test that we just skipped to … Continue reading

Tole & Ma

The title.  Tole & Ma.  That is Max language for Cole & Max.  He’s been subbing “T” for “C” in most words…car, cup, and Cole for example turn into tar, tup, and Tole.  It took us a while to catch on, I’ll admit.  And just today he started saying “Ma” and patting his own tummy … Continue reading