Posted in July 2009

Out with the Old…In with the New

We’ve lived in our house for almost two years, and only a few days ago did our basement actually get some love!  Chris is an official MBA student, so we transformed our basement into a bright, private, and hopefully quiet study spot for him.   We painted the ceiling, trim, and walls with some leftover … Continue reading

This Just In…

New music from Straight No Chaser is on the way!  Read on to find out details… You’ll hear the song “I’m Yours” which Mike sings and you’ll see a video starring Mike!  Also, stay tuned for a re-release of the Holiday Spirits album this fall with new tracks included.     Yay for Christmas … Continue reading


                        It has been a crazy week since finding out that Chris will be going to IU in just 2 and a half weeks!   Lots of exciting things to do!  For the boys, though, all of this excitement has wound them up…too much … Continue reading

I’m in! I’m in! I’m in!!!!

Yes, it’s true!  The IU Kelley School of Business called me today to accept me off the waitlist!  It’s unbelievable, like a dream!  Last year they accepted 1 person off the waitlist of about 115.  Better yet, the first day I need to show up on campus is August 10th: my birthday!! Thanks for being … Continue reading

Prince & King

                    While in Michigan, we slipped and we slided.   If you can believe this…3 generations of Luginbills gave it a whirl!  Awesome.  And of course, some new titles are in order. Introducing… Max…Prince of Slip ‘n Slide Chris…King of Slip ‘n Slide


I love all things pumpkin.  It’s about time we grow some of our own!  We planted pumpkin seeds in early May, and now look!  We have 4 pumpkins about 5 inches in diameter and very very green.    I can’t wait to see the orange appear! 

Sharp Top Cove

We’ve been away…thus, no blogging. Thanks to my wonderful parents taking Cole and Max for a week, Chris and I spent at week at a Young Life camp in Jasper, GA, called Sharp Top Cove.   Young Life is a high school ministry that really is about college kids building relationships with high school kids … Continue reading