Sharp Top Cove


We’ve been away…thus, no blogging.

Thanks to my wonderful parents taking Cole and Max for a week, Chris and I spent at week at a Young Life camp in Jasper, GA, called Sharp Top Cove.   Young Life is a high school ministry that really is about college kids building relationships with high school kids and walking through life together.  We’ve been getting more involved over the last year.   A great friend of ours is the Young Life Area Director here in Bloomington, and this week he took 80 some kids from Bloomington to camp, which really is where Young Life shines.  We were part of an adult guest trip, and we went along to check it out.   It was incredible.  I love Young Life.

The pictures above…

The whole camp hiked one morning to the top of Sharp Top Mountain.   Many of the 400 kids at camp struggled to make it to the top.  The picture on the left is me, a high school girl from Bloomington with an injured ankle, and her leader, Chelsea, taking the last few steps to the peak.   And the picture on the right is us, the Franks, enjoying some quality time together.  Neither picture was posed!  Our friend Randi managed to capture some great scenes from the trip.


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