Posted in August 2009

Cotton balls & Q-tips

That’s what we painted with this afternoon.  I think it was one of Max’s first painting experiences, and it was a success!  Look at that focused face!   Thankfully, no paint landed on the walls, either.  Small victory!    Advertisements


MBA students receive tons of perks here in Bloomington!  And sometimes, families are included, like tonight.  We took a tour of the brand new addition to Memorial Stadium, watched practice, played on the field afterwards, and ate a fabulous dinner while listening to several IU varsity coaches speak!    Part of the tour went through … Continue reading

Rain Gutter Bookshelves

I borrowed this brilliant idea from Family Fun Magazine.  Rain gutter bookshelves!  My mom came down to Bloomington today and we put up the shelves in the boys’ room  together.  I love the way the books face out, add color to the wall, and save space.   It was easy, too.  The hardest part was … Continue reading

Keeping Busy

                      We’ve been keeping busy lately!  Cole has been super interested in volcanoes, so we’ve been learning a lot.  We’ve read dozens of library books, watched eruptions on You Tube, and made our own volcanoes.  We did this once before a long time ago, but … Continue reading

Transition Mode

We are in transition mode here at the Frank house.  Let me tell you why… First of all, Chris is up to his ears in MBA orientation at IU.   That means he’s intensely busy, and I’ve been warned that this doesn’t end until the last final is finished in December.  He is loving every … Continue reading

Night #1

First of all, I don’t think Max has ever seen the movie Cars.  He couldn’t care less about TV.  He only knows about Lightning McQueen because we have a few Matchbox cars of his character.  Nonetheless,  Max has been attempting to climb out of his crib for a while.  We went through this with Cole … Continue reading

My Space

Freshly painted, newly decorated, and ready to be studied in. New additions: IU flag and Disneyland poster older than me.


I made cream puffs tonight…stuffed with my favorite homemade chocolate pudding recipe, sprinkled with powdered sugar.  Delicious!   Cole and I delivered some to a few of our neighbors also, which made it just a little bit more fun! The reason for the cream puffs?  I’m completely inspired.  Last night Chris and I went to … Continue reading

Hiking @ Griffy Lake

We took the boys hiking at Griffy Lake this morning!  We weren’t sure how they’d handle this new experience, and they definitely exceeded our expectations!  Cole caught a tiny frog.  Max ran down the trail shouting run! run! run!  We even stopped so everyone could answer the questions:  What do you hear?  What do you … Continue reading


We celebrated Chris’s IU admission (and his 35th birthday coming up in one week!) tonight with some family and good friends.  What a long journey of waiting this has been, and what better way to celebrate than to eat and play!  We are so blessed to have people in our lives who care so much … Continue reading