King of Pop Pop


Max.  I’ve been meaning to write a post devoted to Max for a while, and well, he turns 19 months in just a few days.  How’s that for an occasion?  So here are a few Max-esque characteristics as of late:

~Every word he speaks is a double syllable.  Mower is mow mow.  Blanket is mla mla.  Tshirt is tee tee.  Bulldozer is bull bull.  His you know what is pee pee.  And his favorite…a popsicle is a pop pop.  

~Lately we have started calling Max the King of Pop Pop.  He asks for pop pops all day long, at the grocery, in the bathtub, before his nap, after his nap, after every meal, really all the time.   I’ve started making popsicles out of yogurt and fruit just so I feel better about giving him pop pops more often than I would if they were the pure sugar kind.  Today I made some banana/vanilla ones pictured above.  Tasty!

~Max is really interested in going to the bathroom like Cole and Chris.  Whenever we let Cole pee outside by a tree or bush Max always runs up to the tree, pulls up his shirt, and yells pee!pee!  And just today, I changed his diaper and not more than two minutes later he walked into the kitchen, pulled off his diaper, and peed on the kitchen floor.  I guess he’s getting the idea?

~Max has also affectionately earned the name Maxzilla.  He loves to destroy and tear up anything that Cole has built, and the best part is the sweet little toothy smile that comes every time during the destruction! I love it!   Max is so tough.  

~Max loves to climb.  Just the other day I found him on top of the kitchen table throwing oranges and lemons out of the bowl onto the floor.  Sweet toothy smile again! 

~He is the sweetest little toddler in the world.  He’s sneaky.  He runs fast.  He explores stuff.  He is content to play by himself, and he loves to snuggle if you catch him in the right mood.    


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