Posted in September 2009


My mom came down today and we picked apples at AppleAcres in Bedford, IN, just a short drive south of Bloomington.  As you can see, Max moseyed his way around the orchard eating two apples at a time, caring very little for picking!  Cole buzzed around the orchard and filled up his very own bag. … Continue reading

Christmas Cheers

Coming to stores near you on November 3!   iTunes and online retailers included.   Visit the SNC website for details about the newest project!


We joined the mini-van club this week!   The spark to start the process was a letter from the local Honda dealer asking for used Accords before the end of September.   I had been looking around for used Odysseys casually anyway to accommodate our new addition in the spring, and knew that this one … Continue reading


We picked red raspberries at Spencer Berry Farm this morning.  Max loved picking and eating as we went along!   Yum!


Cole joined a soccer team this fall…the Tigers.  It’s 3 and 4 year old YMCA soccer, so it’s perfect for Cole!   He loved it tonight, and is already looking forward to next Monday.   I think the little kid shin guards are so cute!


Chris’s dad has been in Bloomington the last couple of days!  He came to the Midwest for a convention in Chicago, and flew out a few days early to see us.   The boys have had a blast with Bubba, and I’ve been so thankful for all of Bubba’s help.   Just in the last … Continue reading

Beautiful Days

We’ve been having beautiful days lately, so we’ve been spending a lot of time outside.   Sidewalk chalk is a recent favorite, and the other day we built this ramp out of old wood laying under our back porch.  That afternoon we painted it, and voila!  A professional car racing venue right in our driveway. … Continue reading

Recycled Heaven

A lesson about me… I love containers.  Chris laughs at me because by now he knows that I need everything to be contained somehow.  Craft supplies, kitchen supplies, books, clothes, diapers, everything.  You get the idea.  Things just sitting out bug me.   They must have a home, and if they don’t, they go to … Continue reading


We spent a perfect morning downtown Bloomington today.  First, we ate pancakes at the Fire Station!  After breakfast, we toured the fire engines and sat inside.  Next, we walked up and down 4th street, home of the Labor Day 4th Street Arts & Crafts Festival.  Amazing artists bring their work from all over the country … Continue reading