Recycled Heaven


A lesson about me…

I love containers.  Chris laughs at me because by now he knows that I need everything to be contained somehow.  Craft supplies, kitchen supplies, books, clothes, diapers, everything.  You get the idea.  Things just sitting out bug me.   They must have a home, and if they don’t, they go to the storage area of our basement affectionately named The Homeless Shelter.   This love of mine leads me to collect various recyclables instead of sending them off in the weekly collection.  Yogurt containers, scoops from laundry detergents, plastic ice cream tubs, unused plastic spoons from Wendy’s, applesauce jars, spice jars, you name it.  I’ve collected it.   All of my collecting has led to so many fun activities with the boys…mostly spontaneous!   One more thing about collecting…my Grandma Jean feeds my collections because every time I see her she has a new bag of old containers and things she doesn’t want anymore and thinks i can use.  Yes!  Last time she gave me some old metal tartlet tins, perfect for bean scooping! 

We play with beans a lot, but often it turns into a huge mess I cannot contain.  So I’ve been working on perfecting it.  I’m happy to say that today the boys played with beans on our front porch for at least 45 minutes uninterrupted.  That’s the longest they’ve played ANYTHING EVER.  Seriously.  What I did was fill up a huge bucket with 5 types of dried beans.  I also filled up a huge bucket of small containers, funnels, spoons, etc.  I cut the elastic off of an old fitted sheet and laid it out on our porch.  I opened the bean bucket, opened the container bucket, and let them loose.  My only rule was to keep the beans on the sheet…I did make sure the sheet was HUGE so this rule would be easy to follow!   They played together, they dumped into each others’ cups, and they even had little conversations between the two of them.  I loved watching, and I did play along for part of the time, too!  We will definitely do this again, even in the kitchen in the winter.  Success…thanks to recyclables!


2 thoughts on “Recycled Heaven

  1. Anne,

    I cannot believe it…..same with me. Just check with Kim about the container obsession. Baskets are my fave!

    Another heriditary trait from Grandma Jean, this in addition to
    moving furniture.

    Hugs to all,

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