Chris’s dad has been in Bloomington the last couple of days!  He came to the Midwest for a convention in Chicago, and flew out a few days early to see us.   The boys have had a blast with Bubba, and I’ve been so thankful for all of Bubba’s help.   Just in the last two days, he watered our thirsty landscaping, filled our car with gas, cleaned off our front porch, bought me a chai latte, played with Legos, took the boys on a walk while I had a doctor appointment, took out our trash, scooped and dumped beans with the boys, printed some photos for us, and I’m sure I’m forgetting the many other things he helped us out with.  Whew!  It’s tiring for me to do the normal routine and take up some of Chris’s normal responsibilities while he’s in school.  So it has been very refreshing to have Bubba here!


2 thoughts on “Refreshing

  1. It’s such a special time for ‘Bubba’ to be there with all of you! He’s been so looking forward to spending time with you and playing with Cole and Max. We both miss you guys sooo much! Looking forward to your visit in a few months!

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