A few highlights from lately…

I found Cole wiping himself in the bathroom the other day with the hand towel.  After talking about how that is not okay (amidst laughter…), he says to me, “Mommy, when you don’t see me, that’s what I do.”  Seriously!

We survived the week without Chris home!  We kept ourselves busy with friends and playing outside.  We raked leaves, visited a local farm’s pumpkin festival, hiked, and more!   We were so thankful for Chris to come home!  He was the brains behind our pumpkin face, too.

We took a hayride last night with some families from a mom’s group I am a part of.  I wish I would have taken some pictures!   The hayride took us through the woods in beautiful Brown County, and afterwards we had a bonfire with s’mores.  Yum!    The funniest part of the marshmallow experience was when my friend Melanie asked Cole if he liked roasting marshmallows.  He quickly replied, “I like marshmallows, especially when they’re on fire!”

Max heard someone call me Anne the other day and now calls me Anne pretty often. The funniest moments are when he’s crying, wants me, and says, “Anne! Anne!” in a whiny voice.   I just smile!

Cole and Max have been waking up ridiculously early for about a week.   It’s been a shock!   I’ve been giving them a drink and asking them to play in their room until 7:30.   For the most part they’ve been happily playing but I get nervous when I hear loud banging noises!   I think I’m going to buy a digital clock to put in the boys’ room and teach Cole that when the clock reads 7:30 they can come out.  Anyone else have ideas for early risers or teaching about time?


6 thoughts on “Curious

  1. What a sweet picture. Between your Blog and Facebook, and Skype, it doesn’t feel like we are so far apart.
    Thanks for all the posts and pictures.
    Give Cole and Max a big hug from Gammy & Bubba.

  2. I’m repeating my comment since it didn’t come through the first time!
    What a sweet picture! Between your Blog, Facebook and Skype, it doesn’t seem like we are so far apart. Thanks for the posts and pictures. Give Cole and Max a big hug from Gammy and Bubba.

  3. If you get some ideas on keeping little kids in their rooms until a more godly hour of the day, let me know! Ian’s been waking up around 6:00 lately — way too early for my taste!

  4. Brennan’s also been waking up early–like around 6:30am! Not fun! But we have a digital clock in his room, and each night before bed I tell him I won’t come and get him until the clock says 7 (he’s a little young for that, but I figure it can’t hurt!). Since he’s still in a crib, one other thing I’ve been doing is to leave him in there until the set “wake-up” time of 7am, and then come in, turn on the light, open the curtains and blinds, point to the clock, and let him that it’s now time to get up. It has a least turned the screaming into a little calmer crying. I’d love other ideas, though!

  5. My kids are pretty good about staying in their rooms until mommy and daddy are up and about. BUT we have on several occasions had some little friends stay over that are early risers. I figured out that the best way to keep them in the room and fairly quiet is to pack baggies of dried cereal & dried fruit along with sippy cups of water and place in a basket just outside the door the night before. They now know that when they wake, they have a breakfast snack waiting for them. It’s worked well, keeps them quiet/occupied and curbs the morning hunger pangs until it’s time for Breakfast #2 : )

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