Posted in November 2009


I’ve been waiting for some time for an idea to hit me.  That’s usually the way I roll.  I don’t plan for ideas, they just come and then I act.  It’s that way with cleaning my house, too.  One day I wake up and know it’s cleaning day.  It works for me.  Anyway…lately I’ve been … Continue reading

Dumping & Pouring

Max spent a healthy amount of time in the bathtub tonight dumping and pouring and dumping and pouring.  It was so much fun to watch!   Lately he has been super interested in dumping and pouring anything.  Beans, rice, food, water, you name it.  I love watching his interests develop!


is how we celebrate Daddy being off of school for one whole week!   Ice cream sundaes, wrestling on the floor, and drumming at the dinner table.  I hope Chris can find a few moments to rest this week, too!    And…I took this picture just for GrandBob.  A Max after your own whipped cream … Continue reading

The Boy Club

Yes, we are adding another member to our boy club!   And look!  He is a thumb sucker just like his brothers.   My mom and the boys chaperoned my ultrasound this morning since Chris presents for his case competition today, and I feel so blessed.  It was the best ultrasound I’ve ever had.  Claire, … Continue reading


This picture serves many purposes… 1.  Each person in Chris’s class at I.U. is on a randomly selected team of 5 students.  Chris is on Team Blue 13.  For this first semester of the MBA program they are all in The Core.  It’s 8 business subjects integrated into one whopper class.  They have class, study, … Continue reading


Pipe cleaners and a colander.  Who knew? Geoboards.  Old wood, nails, and girly pony-tail holders.  I originally made just one for Cole, but Max surprised me with his interest.  So, this morning I made another one.  I realize these simple things are available in plastic versions at most teacher supply stores, but I love the … Continue reading

Hard Workers

Like most of you, we experienced an unseasonably warm weekend!  Cole transferred piles of leaves from our neighbor’s yard to ours while Max climbed on all of our neighbor’s equipment…ladders, wheelbarrows, you name it.   And Chris took a whole day off from studying…yahoo!  He cleaned the leaves off our roof and planted peach and … Continue reading