Hard Workers


Like most of you, we experienced an unseasonably warm weekend!  Cole transferred piles of leaves from our neighbor’s yard to ours while Max climbed on all of our neighbor’s equipment…ladders, wheelbarrows, you name it.   And Chris took a whole day off from studying…yahoo!  He cleaned the leaves off our roof and planted peach and evergreen trees.   I love days like yesterday!

I had the opportunity, too, this weekend, to go to Springfield, IL, with some good friends and see Beth Moore!  She is quite the energetic lady, and an amazing teacher and storyteller.  We had a great and refreshing time.  Cole and Max got to spend a couple of days with Omi and Grandbob, which they loved.

Let’s see…what else?  Max is talking like crazy these days, randomly counting, and even singing!  He loves anything to do with the farm and his new favorite sound is hee-haw, just like a donkey.    I love it so much when Max says, “Look! Mommy!” and wants me to see what’s he done, or when after I give him choices for a snack or a meal all he says is “froot sna” every time.  He’s moved on from popsicle to fruit snacks.  Hilarious!   He and Cole have so much fun together making animal sounds or pillow piles and they especially love wild and crazy games with Daddy.  Chris has created several personalities for himself including The Grabber and The Sniffle.  I’m sure you’re curious…aren’t you?  And the last thing worth mentioning is that I am almost 20 weeks pregnant, and my ultrasound is next Wednesday the 18th.  I am SO excited to see if I will indeed be an all-boy mom or not.  I’ll keep you posted!


One thought on “Hard Workers

  1. Beth Moore is a wonderful speaker. That’s great that you got to see her in person. I’ve done a couple of her Bible Studies that she had recorded on video (DVD) They were great.

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