Posted in December 2009


We are so blessed to have so much family in one place!  We spent last night celebrating Christmas with Chris’s mom, Nancy, his sister, Melissa, and her husband and girls.   Complete with tamale pie, chocolate mousse, lots of laughing, and presents.  Oh yes, and the BEST self timed family photo we’ve ever taken!   … Continue reading

Sunny California

In N Out Burger…Chris’s favorite!  I think the boys are convinced, too. Lots of time with the boys’ cousin, Emilee.  She is 11, wonderful, and loves loves loves to play! I love the outdoor malls here!  On Monday we spent part of the day with our good friends, the Griffices, and headed out for lunch … Continue reading


Christmas at home…Legos are a boy’s best friend!   We also acted out the story of Jesus’s birth…homemade cardboard shepherds and all. Christmas at Omi & Grandbob’s house…every year there is something John Deere!   We also celebrated Christmas with all of my dad’s family and all of my mom’s family on Christmas Eve.  A … Continue reading

Hide the Elf

The boys and Chris LOVE this game!  Cole and Max wait underneath the blanket while Chris hides the Elf somewhere in the living room.  Then the game begins!   The funny thing is that Max is almost always the one to find the Elf first!  In this picture the Elf sticks out of one of … Continue reading

Drawing & Felt

We are flying to California on Christmas Day, and this week we’ve been getting ready!  We borrowed some airplane books from the library and brainstormed good airplane snacks and games.  Secretly, I’ve been filling the boys’ backpacks with goodies from around our house that hopefully will not disappoint once we’re in flight.   And Cole … Continue reading


The yucky sickness invaded our house over the weekend.  Thankfully, it skipped me and only took Cole down for a day.   So we’ve been sneaking in some Christmas handiwork while Max and Chris are resting.  The painted pots were done by Max on Sunday…a momentary hope of recovery.  We strung them up with bead … Continue reading


There’s nothing like staying up a little late to help decorate cookies, huh?  Pajamas all sprinkley, face plastered with frosting, and well, the counter.  You can see it. Thankfully it was my mom’s counter!  Happy Cole! It’s that time of year again to make a bajillion cookies and deliver them to as many neighbors and … Continue reading

Let It Snow

On the morning of our first snow of the season the other day we made some snowflakes of our own!   Cole loved cutting and using glitter (yes, I’m brave…) and Max just loved the glitter (too much…).  They now hang inside where we can enjoy the snow even after it melts!


Today’s advent activity…a gumdrop tree! Buy a foam cone, whatever size you like.  Buy gumdrops and toothpicks.  Cut the toothpicks in half.  Stick one gumdrop on each toothpick half and stick it into the foam. Chris and Cole did this after lunch today and it was a hit!   We have to make a gumdrop … Continue reading


A shameless plug from the proud sister… We saw SNC live in Indianapolis last night.  It was fantastic!   Chris and I think that they are so much better in person than on the cds, and the cds are amazing.  Great entertainers and seriously funny!  They announced that they have a new album coming out … Continue reading