Posted in January 2010


C:  This part is called the nozzle, Max. M: Oh!  Maybe in here, Coleman. C:  Look how many things are inside, Max! M:  Close it now, please.   NO!  No, hold this in a minute. C:  Max, can you please hold that up? M:  Yeah, sure. C:  See, that’s the locator. We can take the … Continue reading

Letting Go

Cole just doesn’t want to let go of the sand, and frankly, neither do I!   Since we’ve been around sand so much since Christmas, something has occurred to me.  I normally am very organized and clean, but when in the sand I just can’t be (arghh…), especially with two little boys who love to … Continue reading


It seriously seems like January is flying!  The boys and I are in Florida with my parents for a week, and the boys’ favorite part so far is swimming with Grandbob.  They love to growl for pictures, too…boys.  They will be boys, right?


Our backyard hill is just perfect for two eager boys on sleds!   We finally made it outside today and it was blast…all 15 minutes of it.   It’s strange to think that last week we were splashing at the beach and today we’re bundled in the snow.   What a whirlwind! In other news, … Continue reading

Travel Tip

I admit it.  I dreaded flying to California and back home.  The reason was Max.  How do you contain a lively 2 year old on a 3 1/2 hour flight?  Fruit snacks?  New toys wrapped up?  Playdough?  DVDs?  Stickers?  Books?  Yes, wonderful tips.   Well, this time I was determined to break from the norm, … Continue reading

Gracious Hosts

Chris’s parents have been such gracious hosts for our two weeks in California.   They let us use their cars, host a birthday party for Max at their house, eat their food, play with their toys, wake them up early, and much much more.  We are so thankful for a wonderful visit!   Next time … Continue reading

Who Knew?

Who knew that Cole would love these little guinea pigs so much?  On Max’s birthday we visited a petting zoo with Chris’s parents, and Cole posted himself right down on the hay.  The bunnies and guinea pigs sat on his lap, he fed them carrots, and talked sweetly to them.    Max hesitated a bit … Continue reading


Max is 2 today!   We celebrated on the weekend because Chris is in Los Angeles with other IU students for a few days this week.  Complete with barn cake, farmyard animal cupcakes, pizza, presents, and lots of laughing…a good time for sure! It’s hard to believe that our little sweetums is not so little … Continue reading