Travel Tip

I admit it.  I dreaded flying to California and back home.  The reason was Max.  How do you contain a lively 2 year old on a 3 1/2 hour flight?  Fruit snacks?  New toys wrapped up?  Playdough?  DVDs?  Stickers?  Books?  Yes, wonderful tips.   Well, this time I was determined to break from the norm, and I found the perfect solution!  A box.  An old jewelry box with a lid.  With the box I brought a fabric drawstring bag full of random household items:  paper clips, buttons, twisty ties, a teeth flosser, cotton balls, Q-tips, straws, generic Fruit Loops, stickers, yarn, paper with holes punched in it, beads, and a few crayons.  Let me tell you…JACKPOT.  I also had a small bag of M&Ms in my purse, too, that I rationed throughout the flight.  Every so often, I’d drop a few M&Ms in Max’s box and he was so excited!  He stood on the floor and used his seat as a workbench.   Endless opportunities and a happy toddler.  Success!


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