Letting Go

Cole just doesn’t want to let go of the sand, and frankly, neither do I!   Since we’ve been around sand so much since Christmas, something has occurred to me.  I normally am very organized and clean, but when in the sand I just can’t be (arghh…), especially with two little boys who love to get down and dirty in just about anything.  Over these last few weeks, I have started to love the sand so much more.  It’s gritty, wet, and well, just gets everywhere and in everything.   It’s something out of my comfort zone but it definitely has moved me toward relaxing and enjoying being with the boys much more.   And it’s taught me more about letting go of the things I think I need to control.  Maybe I don’t as much.

We’ve had a few fun adventures this week in Florida, too.  We visited an animal park and fed giraffes.  Their tongues are huge!   Just today we visited a local Marine Rescue Center where they care for injured sea turtles.   So interesting!   I’m ready to go home and be home, but I’m definitely sad to leave the warm sunshine and put my flip flops away for a few more months.

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