C:  This part is called the nozzle, Max.

M: Oh!  Maybe in here, Coleman.

C:  Look how many things are inside, Max!

M:  Close it now, please.   NO!  No, hold this in a minute.

C:  Max, can you please hold that up?

M:  Yeah, sure.

C:  See, that’s the locator. We can take the locator out.  We don’t need it.  We need to see how much junk is in there and see how much it weighs.  A thousand!

M:  I can’t open it either.   No, no.  I found this piece, Coleman!

C:  Max, will you please help me lift this part up?  Now we need to lower it down and…impossible.

The conversation went on, and I laughed and laughed!  Now to reassemble the vacuum.


4 thoughts on “Teamwork

  1. Hahaha! I am just laughing imagining their little voices! I love how Max calls him Coleman. Is that is full name? p.s. what kind of vacuum is that, looks fancy!

  2. that is the sweetest conversation. It’s so fun to see what little buddies they are and their imaginations at work! I see your little table in the background…we have the same one and we LOVE it!!

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