Dear Baby Brother

Dear Baby Brother,

Your big brothers are so excited to meet you!  They practice buckling Grover into your car seat and rocking in your chair.   Cole ensures me that he is good at babies, and that he will be a great diaper changer.   Max thinks you should come out immediately, and each that passes leaves him with disappointment that you remain in utero.   I’m sure by now you know your ABC’s and the Itsy Bitsy Spider, too, because Cole and Max sing them to you daily.  Is the sound muffled?

A few more things…your room is almost ready and so is your wardrobe.  We may need to add an IU jersey so you can support your daddy’s school and match your brothers.  They ask to wear matching clothes these days…never saw that coming!   And I have one last question.  I’ll save the other ones until we meet face to face.  Why do you like mint oreos, bread and butter pickles, and grape soda so much?

Tons of love,


3 thoughts on “Dear Baby Brother

  1. Anne,
    Such a sweet note and what a neat bond your two boys have. I’m sure they will be wonderful older brothers because their mommy is teaching them to be such gentlemen! As for the mint oreos…everyone should crave those, as for the pickles…no one should crave those although I do really like the smell of them, as for the grape soda…that’s pretty good stuff too! Enjoy it!

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