I noticed this tonight.  Same shirt, same Valentine making extravaganza, two years apart.

As I wait for Baby 3’s arrival in a few weeks, I have started to make comparisons.  Comparisons between Cole’s and Max’s birth stories.  Comparisons between my attitude and our life circumstances surrounding those times.  Comparisons between silly things like the boys’ sleeping patterns, clothes, and quirky tendencies.  I’ve been reading details in each boy’s baby book, looking at photos, and reminding myself of our old baby routines and the things I unnecessarily stressed out about.  All of this makes me wonder what #3 will be like.  What uniqueness will he bring to the Franks and how will this new blend work?   Will this kid get to make Valentines in two years while wearing the same striped t-shirt?   Will he have a chin dimple like the rest of the boys in our family?   I can’t wait to find out.


2 thoughts on “Comparisons

  1. That’s something I think about too, especially since D2’s arrival is getting closer. I wonder how similar he will be to Brennan, but yet wonder how different he will be. Will I get stressed out about the same stuff or be more relaxed this time around? Or will I get stressed about a whole new set of things? Just like you, I can’t wait to find out what this new little adds to the family mix!

  2. Perspective is so interesting, isn’t it? As I contemplate a #3, I think about how that will change dynamics. You are on the home stretch! Can’t wait to hear the name 😉

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