Here We Go?

I am not sure I’m ready for this.  Over the last few weeks, Max has asked countless times to use the toilet.  I often distract him…terrible, I know!   My plan was to wait until he was 2 1/2 or even 3 to even approach the subject, especially with #3 coming in a few weeks.  Max’s plan is obviously different!  For the last few days he has used the toilet a few times each day, usually when it’s time to change his diaper.   I am so proud of him!  He claps and cheers for himself, washes his hands, and runs to tell Chris or call someone to share in his joy.  He’s all about including the masses in his successes.  I love that about Max!   And just today while shopping at Target, I bought Max some Spiderman underwear (must differentiate from Cole’s Lightning McQueens, right?).  I’m willing to give it a shot and see how it plays out.  If stress creeps in, we are done.  No fights, no nightmares.    Wise ones say it’s easier with #2, right?


5 thoughts on “Here We Go?

  1. the “wise ones” would say that potty training #2 isn’t necessarily easier, but you will be more relaxed about it…because you know your child will eventually get it. happy pottying!!!

  2. oh, i hope it is easier with #2. ha! it sounds like he is really interested in doing it. that is awesome. i am just not a fan of the whole potty training thing. it can be so stressful and hard. it is good you’ve already made your mind up to not let it get that way!

  3. Save this photo! Include it during Max’s video presentation at his wedding. Kinda like your “Isn’t She Lovely” recorded video. Max may be embarrassed, but those who attend will howl.

  4. My Daughter #2 decided that she was done with diapers when her sister #3 was one month old. She started taking of her diaper and that was the end of it. I choose not to fight it. What else are you going to do when you are nursing at the time? She did quite well. She was very willing, and she would go and try everytime I reminded her. There were some bumps in the road, but on the whole much easier than with #1.

    By the way, I am the same Raegan from the Oasis (summer 2001)

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