Snack Taxi

These cute little sandwich and snack pouches made by Snack Taxi caught my attention in a magazine ad last week.  Machine washable, earth-loving, and durable.  So I bought a few and received them yesterday.  Guitars for Chris, tools for Cole, robots for Max, and flowers for me.  I make Chris’s lunch every day, take snacks with me everywhere I go, and soon will be making little boy lunches, so I thought to myself, why not ditch the ziplocs and foil and start a new habit?   I realize that new habits often cost more up front, but really, in the long run, if we stick to this, think of how much trash we will NOT create?  Think of the money we WON’T spend on disposable storage bags.    I used them for the first time today, and WOW.  I’m hooked for the mere reason that I did not come home from our morning activities with a stash of trash in my bag or littering our car.  These little pouches are probably easy to make for the average seamstress, too, which I’m not.  The price ranges between $5 and $8.  Cheers to being green one little snack at a time!


One thought on “Snack Taxi

  1. Anne! These are cute. Do they seal or zip or anything, or just fold over? I am interested, but couldn’t figure it out from the website….

    I miss you! Baby Boy Frank is coming soon!!

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