Posted in March 2010


Welcome to Baby’s room!  As we wait for his arrival sometime this week I hope, I find myself wandering in here a couple times each day and wondering what life with 3 will be like.  We live in such a big kid world right now.  I’m so curious how an infant will fit in.  Sometimes … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Cole!

What a great day to celebrate Cole being 4!   He opened presents when he woke up.  Chris took him to Dunkin’ Donuts for breakfast.   My mom came down for a birthday lunch, and then tonight we had friends and family over for cake and ice cream.   Whew!  It was wonderful chaos!   … Continue reading

Perfect Date

The boys and I had a perfect downtown date this morning!  First we stopped at the library to pick up a few books.  Cole and I have been reading Magic Tree House books together during Max’s nap, and we needed to exchange some.   Then, since the weather was so nice, we walked down the … Continue reading


Max posted himself here this morning with a stack of favorite books.  Reading has grown to be one of his new loves.   It’s so cute to hear him reading aloud to himself!


I loved today.  Sand, sunshine, picnic with Cole & Max, afternoon nap, date with Chris.   And water.  Lots of water.   The water, though, happens every day unlike the afore mentioned things.   And thus begins my ramblings for this post… I am obsessed with water.  It’s refreshing, free, cold, and there’s just something … Continue reading

Check It

This is a Queen song from SNC’s new album, With a Twist.  All 10 guys have a solo…super cool.  Listen and then go pre-order the album!


Lately I have been on a mission…well, several missions.  Maybe because it’s nearing the end of this pregnancy, I love cooking, and I’m anal about organization?  Regardless, the mission that affects my family most is this.  I am increasing my awareness of and changing some of my grocery shopping, meal preparation, and food consumption habits … Continue reading


Sneaky boys!  I caught them hiding under these huge pillows after dinner tonight.  They were reading together and then, of course,  it eventually moved to wrestling!  Cole’s exact words…”We’re practicing our skills for Daddy.” My grandma made the pillows for the boys for Christmas.  They are huge!

Last Piece

Chris (on spring break!), Cole, and I spent this afternoon on the front porch in the sunshine creating with pattern blocks.  He’d never experienced these before, but since he loves to build I thought he’d go for it.  He built this entire thing by himself…check out the symmetry! Oh, my teacher heart is melting!