The fascination began when my dad was growing up.  He had an electric train set, a train board, tracks, accessories, you name it.  The fascination continued when Mike and I were growing up.   My dad (and my grandpa and uncles too) collected LGB train cars, track, lights, and accessories.   He used to set up the train only at Christmas time.  There is a Coca Cola car, a dining car,  a steam engine that blows actual smoke, a chocolate car, some construction cars with barrels and even a flat bed car with two sports cars riding on top.   He has enough cars to run two trains at once.   It’s elaborate.  So for the last several years, probably since Mike and I have not been living at home, the trains have lived in the attic.  A couple years ago, though, my dad set up the train and thus began the third round of train fascination.  Cole is hooked.  He wears goggles while running the transformer.  He changes the cars around, adds and removes things, turns lights on and off, and loves to watch the train chug along the tracks under and around the furniture.  It seemed as if this would just be a great Christmas tradition to include the boys in, but a few weeks ago I learned that it is much much more.  Cole and I were watching a train DVD from the library and he began to tell me all the things that my dad needed to add to his train to make it better.  A platform, a station, bells, and more.  He seemed to think that putting the train away after Christmas was not alright.  So I called my dad and relayed this information.  My dad is crazy.  That same weekend, he researched, bought supplies, and built his own train board out of wood and pink foam.  He visited a local hobby store to learn about this project, and executed it.   Time to tell the little boys!   This past weekend the boys spent a few days up at my parent’s house.  Number one agenda:  train project.  They painted the entire board, set up the train tracks and cars, and even ventured back to the hobby store to get more track.  The next project is to add a mountain with a tunnel!   I think my dad will need to retire soon just to keep up!


4 thoughts on “Trains

  1. Don’t you love grandpa’s with their little boys. I swear my dad is like a kid with my boys. I guess since you dad had Mike he always had that little boy but since it was just me and Mandy dad never got to do boy stuff so he is in heaven with Ricky and Jack. Have to admit I am kind of jealous of your 3rd boy. I am getting baby fever again…

  2. How fun! I was going to make that SAME comment about Cole rockin the HSE bbal t-shirt! Great minds think alike Jenny?

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