Posted in April 2010


Stillness.  Not much of it in our house these days.   Except for moments like this one.  Moments that sneak in and then swiftly escape. This week has been nuts.   Hence, no stillness.  Chris had three internship interviews in two days.  So far he has one offer from Scholar’s Inn here in Bloomington, one … Continue reading

Bubble Bath

Baths are my least favorite mom job.  Splashing + loudness = Cranky and wet mom.   We normally do baths after dinner, but since Zeke’s birth we’ve had to revamp some parts of the schedule to prevent insanity.  Today during one of Zeke’s naps I decided to brave the bath since it’d been…ahem…almost a week … Continue reading

Like Daddy

I noticed something today.   Both Cole and Max are very much like Chris but in drastically different ways.  The pictures tell the story. First photo: I found Max yesterday morning eating his breakfast under the kitchen table dressed in a flowery bathing suit and an orange and white striped t-shirt.  Like Chris, Max will … Continue reading

2.5 weeks

Zeke is a rock star baby!   We are so thankful for him.  He’s more and more awake each day, nursing really well, and so easy to have around.   This time around, we’ve been way more relaxed about everything, too.  We run the vacuum when Zeke is asleep.  Cole and Max are loud all … Continue reading


The other day it was warm enough to play in the water.   The big boys loved splashing and of course, dumping cups full on each other!  I am thankful for afternoons like these, and hope that even though the days are flying by now that we have Zeke, I can still take time to … Continue reading

Day 12

It’s day 12 with Zeke.  Where has the time gone?  I realize I haven’t posted in almost a week!   Here are some highlights…well, some are not so high…so let’s say here are some lights so far on this journey with three boys. Zeke is fantastic.  I cannot rave enough about him!  So far this … Continue reading

Campus Candy

My mom and I took all 3 boys out today for the first time.  Milestone!  The van felt full with 3 carseats, and I loved it. We went to Campus Candy, a new candy store downtown.  I read an article about the new store in a local paper while in the hospital last week.  The … Continue reading

Z Love

Max and Cole brought cupcakes to the hospital this morning to celebrate Zeke’s birthday.  Yum-O!   They are warming up to Zeke much more today.  Both boys ran in sporting their “big brother” stickers eager to hold him and kiss him.  I think it helped that I looked more normal today, too, in my own … Continue reading

Zeke Byron

We welcomed Zeke Byron this afternoon at 5:43 p.m.  And now we are 5!   Zeke weighed 8 lbs. 14 oz. and 20 1/2 inches long.  He has a chin dimple just like Chris, Cole, and Max all do, and you can call him Z-man if you like.  We are all doing great.  Stay tuned … Continue reading