My friend Mindy and I took our kids to a local circus this afternoon!  I now have new respect for what it means when people say their home runs like a circus or they feel like the day resembles a circus!   Having never experienced a real circus, wow.   Crazy, high-energy, dirty, loud, smelly, and much much more.  It’s an overwhelming temptation to buy, too.  How can you not consider a sno cone, popcorn, or even an oversized circus coloring book when it’s only $1?  The boys sat (mostly…) for two hours mesmerized by the lights, action, motorcycles, and gigantic animals.   It was a great way to spend my last afternoon as a mama of 2.  Yes, you read correctly!  This morning my doctor raised the option of induction tomorrow morning and I said yes!  I know that God has yet again provided for our family…and I am so humbled and thankful.   Next week, Chris is slated to travel for an internship interview on my due date (Tuesday) and has 2 huge presentations with representatives flying in from Toyota/Scion in California.  I had been praying that God would work it out, and I was convinced that asking to be induced was not the way to fix it.   I was completely content just to wait and see how God would masterfully time our next days.    So my doctor suggesting induction tomorrow was perfect.   A small thing in the midst of a world with big problems, but just another way I know that God is deeply personal…makes me all the more willing to keep on trusting Him.   Stay tuned tomorrow to meet our baby boy!


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