Z Love

Max and Cole brought cupcakes to the hospital this morning to celebrate Zeke’s birthday.  Yum-O!   They are warming up to Zeke much more today.  Both boys ran in sporting their “big brother” stickers eager to hold him and kiss him.  I think it helped that I looked more normal today, too, in my own clothes and walking around.  They climbed up on my bed immediately!  After they left with my mom, Zeke slept so peacefully most of the day, Rachel brought Panera for lunch, and I snuck in a few naps. A great restful day at the hospital!

2 thoughts on “Z Love

  1. Zeke is soooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!! You must be very proud to have another kid! Now I know what size ti make the blanket! Cangras. from all of us!

  2. Zeke is so cute! He is the most adorible baby ever! I am the most lucky cousin in the whole wide world! To have 3 cousins in the same house!
    Love you everyone!
    Leighton lemon
    ps. You are the biggest stinker in the world uncle Chris! Whopper! Do you realize that whopper is his nickname? Hahahahahaha! Can I also call him Z? Hehehehehe hahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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