Campus Candy

My mom and I took all 3 boys out today for the first time.  Milestone!  The van felt full with 3 carseats, and I loved it. We went to Campus Candy, a new candy store downtown.  I read an article about the new store in a local paper while in the hospital last week.  The store was started by a father of an I.U. student hoping to provide a unique late night venue for hungry folks.  No need to stop by CVS to pick up a bag of candy anymore.  This store is amazing!  Buckets and bins of candy line the curvy store walls and reach from floor to ceiling…more than the eye can really take in.   A modern day Wonka paradise!  So, needless to say, we left Campus Candy with happy boys, more candy than we need, and plenty of unique candy still left to taste.  Worth another visit?  YES!


3 thoughts on “Campus Candy

  1. That place looks like so much fun!! Where is it? On Kirkwood? We’ll have to stop by on our next visit to B-town.

  2. Bubba and I will have to visit there next month… especially for the coffee and paninis…and yogurt! Yummy….

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