2.5 weeks

Zeke is a rock star baby!   We are so thankful for him.  He’s more and more awake each day, nursing really well, and so easy to have around.   This time around, we’ve been way more relaxed about everything, too.  We run the vacuum when Zeke is asleep.  Cole and Max are loud all the time.  We have dance parties while Zeke drifts off to sleep in his swing…mostly for me to get some exercise and keep my sanity!   Max styles Zeke’s hair with water and reads to him from some favorite books.   I even let Zeke take a nap on his tummy on the couch this morning while I showered before everyone else was up.   And a note for the record:  I do not shower every day before every else wakes up.   Today was abnormal.  I guess, though, when you have a newborn normal is all relative, right?


3 thoughts on “2.5 weeks

  1. What a sweet picture of Max reading to Zeke. Zeke is a lucky boy to have such great big brothers! And as always Anne, you make it look so easy 🙂

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