Like Daddy

I noticed something today.   Both Cole and Max are very much like Chris but in drastically different ways.  The pictures tell the story.

First photo: I found Max yesterday morning eating his breakfast under the kitchen table dressed in a flowery bathing suit and an orange and white striped t-shirt.  Like Chris, Max will wear just about anything and is not shy about it.  He will also say or do just about anything to put on a show and perform.  Chris loves to break the mold; to do something strange or spontaneous to get a reaction.  Have you seen his obnoxious gorilla costume or 70’s attire?

Second photo:  For Easter, my mom and dad gave Cole and Max Laker jerseys.  Like Chris, both boys are growing to love the Lakers.  It warms Chris’s heart!  They wear their jerseys pretty much every other day, and this morning dug them out of the dirty basket.  It’s playoff time and the Lakers are up 2-0 over the Oklahoma City Thunder.  Never in a million years did I think that I would ever keep track of NBA playoff stats.  Then I married  a devoted Laker fan and am now raising little ones.   And what little Laker fan doesn’t love climbing on daddy’s scooter?

Third photo:  Like I’ve mentioned before, Cole is fascinated with Legos.  Just since Zeke’s birth have we had any tiny ones in our house, and every afternoon this is what happens:  I feed Zeke and then he naps.  Cole asks me to build tiny Legos with him.  Sometimes I do, sometimes I snooze, sometimes I clean up the kitchen or do laundry since Max is sleeping too and there are a few peaceful moments.   Today Cole and I built together.  But as soon as we started I realized that he did not want me to actually build with him.  He’s plenty more capable than I am!  He wanted me to sit with him, talk, listen, look for pieces in the bin, and just be with him.  Exactly like Chris.  They both put an extremely high value on time spent together.  Time = love.


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