Bubble Bath

Baths are my least favorite mom job.  Splashing + loudness = Cranky and wet mom.   We normally do baths after dinner, but since Zeke’s birth we’ve had to revamp some parts of the schedule to prevent insanity.  Today during one of Zeke’s naps I decided to brave the bath since it’d been…ahem…almost a week for C and M.   I asked Cole to gather up some kitchen utensils to bring along hoping for the best.  The normal bath toys don’t always keep the peace.  I also gave them each a drinking straw and a cup with a few squirts of foam bath soap.  Best decision of the day for sure!  They spent the next half hour blowing crazy bubble balls and they let me wash them up with no complaining.   Success!


4 thoughts on “Bubble Bath

  1. Great idea! I totally understand about the bath thing. It’s not my favorite job either. Luckily, pregnancy gave me an excuse to pass it along to John since bending over the tub (and ours is pretty deep) was not fun at all. Too bad I’ll have to take it back over soon!

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