Tonight was not what we expected.  It’s been a long week. So, we decided to take a short family walk before baths and bedtime.  True to form, the boys begged to jump in mud puddles along the way.  We finally conceded to the huge puddle on our street since it was close to home and the boys were headed to the bath anyway.  As you can see, they muddied up and then stripped!  When we got home, though, we quickly realized we had left without a house key!   So there we were.  Muddy boys, hungry baby, tired parents.   While Chris searched for a way to break in, the boys and I walked next door to see if our handy neighbors, Dave and Dorothy, had any ideas for getting into our house.  Smart people that we are, we hadn’t given any neighbors a house key for emergencies.  I know, I know.  For times like THIS.  Without hesitation, Dave walked over and pulled out a credit card.  He stuck it in our door and opened it.  I mean, REALLY.  No key.  No tools. Just a piece of plastic.  I was thankful but scared!  Who else knows how to open a front door with a credit card?   So, what we intended to be a short, dry walk turned out to be a long, muddy walk.  So much for expectations!


3 thoughts on “Unexpected

  1. Hey, Chris… remember when dad let you and your sister play in the mud in Vallejo! The pictures are in our album! Fun time for you guys!!! 🙂

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