Racin’ Time

I am on a mission.  My mission: Learn more about boys.

I find myself so frustrated sometimes.  Why did you kick your brother in the stomach?  Why did you pee in the trash can?  Why, when playing tea party at a friend’s house who happens to be a girl, did you throw all of the dishes down the slide instead of sip your tea?  Why did the bubbles from the bath end up everywhere but in the tub?  Why?  Why?  I’m puzzled, and sometimes really mad.

My frustration has driven me to make some decisions in order for all of us to thrive.  Number one, read as much as possible about boys.  How they’re wired, their physical, social, emotional development, activity ideas, and so on.  Number two, create more boy-friendly spaces in our house.   Number three, implement racin’ time.

Well, I’m proud to say that I’ve made progress in each of the three areas.  Number one, I’ve been reading a book called Wild Things: The Art of Nurturing Boys.  All I can say is that if you have boys, this is a MUST READ.  I borrowed it from the library, but after reading a lot of it, I know I need to buy it.  I will need it as a reference for this journey!   Number two, I removed the dresser from Cole’s and Max’s room and replaced it with a large soft rug that we had in our basement, and I added lots of pillows and a few large foam blocks.  Ideal for wrestling!  And number three, we had two sessions of racing time today.  I learned about this from the book I mentioned.  Basically, when boys get squirrely, tell them it’s racin’ time!  Take them outside and time them as they run laps around the house.  Cole and Max loved it.  It wore them out so much this morning that they wanted to relax and eat lunch in a huge box.  And I loved it too!  Win, win!  We’re on our way…


5 thoughts on “Racin’ Time

  1. Cardboard boxes make the best forts. Get a whole bunch of them and line them up. Kids can be so creative with them. They can be airplanes, submarines, boats, caves, houses…etc. We used to cut out doors and windows and even colored on the walls. Refrigerator ones are the best and biggest. Have fun!

  2. Thanks, Anne! I need to read that book. There is SUCH a difference between Lucy and Gabe. I am struggling with how to best channel his (physical) energy and how to discipline. It’s a totally different experience!

  3. thanks for the good ideas on boys anne! sounds like a good book, i’ll have to check it out. i’ve been reading “Wild at Heart” and am loving it! It’s not about raising boys, but it’s helping me understand the heart of boys/men and how mothers tend to emasculate them in our culture.

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