Posted in July 2010


I’ve kinda been in a funk lately.  I feel like joining these cute boys in their hilarious faces and disregarding any responsibilities I have.  Yikes!  I’ve been letting the dishes pile up, laundry go unnoticed, turning the TV on way too much, letting our house get dirty, and, well, sometimes liking it but mostly not. … Continue reading

Tree Blocks

We’ve been spending a lot of time on our back porch this week building with the tree blocks that Chris made last weekend.  It’s been fun to hear the questions the boys have about the trees as they stack and tear down and stack up again.  Where did those lines come from?  What kind of … Continue reading


We made blue Gak the other day and it was a blast!  Super easy to make and super fun to play with.  Find the recipe here.   Next time we’ll go for green, I think!


My mom and dad took Cole and Max to Michigan for the weekend, so Chris and I got Zeke all to ourselves!  It was like a mini staycation for us!  We ate out with friends, did a little shopping, watched a movie, and relaxed.  All with Zeke along.  I let the house get messy for … Continue reading

The Wig

The wig made another appearance today.   This time with a black velvet jacket and huge, funky white shoes.  All I said was, “Cole, strike a pose!” I was also visited today by a green dragon, a camouflaged army guy, a construction worker, and a bandit.   Oh, and a tiger just before dinner.  An … Continue reading

The Tree Story

Saturday morning started like this:  Chris and a borrowed chain saw.  He hoped to cut down a leaning tree or two in our front yard to prevent the inevitable:  crashing on our neighbor’s houses.   Soon after, our neighbor Michael came out to help.  I think it was the buzzing of the manly power tools. … Continue reading

Oh My!

This was Zeke’s post during breakfast this morning.  He looks like a Frank, doesn’t he?  He’s getting so big, too…oh my!   He was so content to look back and forth from Cole to Max to Cole to Max.  He’s quite the happy guy!

Backyard Summer

We have been having just that…a backyard summer.  Maybe it’s because I’m not yet brave enough to take all three boys to many public places by myself?  Maybe it’s because the backyard is easy and spacious?  Maybe it’s because we laugh and have a blast out there?  Whatever the reason, I love it.  I love … Continue reading