The Tree Story

Saturday morning started like this:  Chris and a borrowed chain saw.  He hoped to cut down a leaning tree or two in our front yard to prevent the inevitable:  crashing on our neighbor’s houses.  

Soon after, our neighbor Michael came out to help.  I think it was the buzzing of the manly power tools.  He couldn’t stay inside and just listen.   Good thing!  The first tree that fell was huge!

As the action escalated, Cole and Max were captivated.  The porch became our prime spectator spot, and of course, what event would be complete without refreshments? Our choice:  orange push-ups.  The ones with the red, blue, and yellow circles!  Exactly like the ones I ate when I was a little girl on river trips down Crooked River.

The sitting didn’t last long.  Cole took his chance and wrangled a few monster tree stumps.   Both boys had fun with the logs.  By this time a few more neighbors had emerged, too, and it was a street-wide project.  I’m telling you, there is something about the sound of power tools.  It draws people.

So what Chris intended to be an hour or two long project turned into a five-man all-day adventure.  Below is a shot of the guys who helped take down four huge trees in our front yard.   Helpful and selfless (and sweaty!!) neighbors from all walks of life.

After the saw dust settled and most of the non-usable branches were dumped at the I.U. compost heap, Chris rested.  Whew!  The next day, a few neighbors hosted a cookout at the end of the street.   Food, drinks, laughs, and stories were swapped.  We learned more about the people whose street we share.  We loved it.  Neighbors are a blessing.  Do you know yours?

And last but not least, what else can we do with the left-over wood before it becomes someone else’s firewood?  Make an obstacle course!   Run, Max, run!


One thought on “The Tree Story

  1. What a wonderful experience … for everyone.

    Do I see my genes evidenced in the crown of Chris’ head? Chick Hearn once said, “the referee has a hole in his haircut”.

    Thanks for the documentation. It’s entries like this that really connects us in California.

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