I’ve kinda been in a funk lately.  I feel like joining these cute boys in their hilarious faces and disregarding any responsibilities I have.  Yikes!  I’ve been letting the dishes pile up, laundry go unnoticed, turning the TV on way too much, letting our house get dirty, and, well, sometimes liking it but mostly not.  I am rebelling.  Rebelling against my own system to keep order and sanity among my ranks.   I think it’s because I’m anticipating transition yet again and I’m just not quite ready.  Transition out of this wonderful, laid back summer.  Oh, how I’ve loved it!  In a few short weeks, though, Chris’s erratic school schedule begins, thus making me Mr. and Mrs. Mom a lot of the time (for great reason, of course!).   Cole starts preschool in August, too, thus hurling our family into the school system for umpteen years to come.  And with a husband and three little boys to love I have merely a smidge of time for the afore mentioned duties that I’ve been neglecting.  Therefore, I find myself in bed way too late and sleepy at 7:30 a.m. when my alarm clock, a.k.a. Max, arrives.   I’ll snap out of this and get back in the game soon.  Maybe I’ll even buy some bravery somewhere and start taking all of the boys to places other than the park and the grocery store by myself.  But, for this short time, I’m taking the bull by the horns and resting in my funk.  We’re going to Michigan at the end of next week and I’m hoping to leave my funk there.  We’ll see if it cooperates.


One thought on “Funk

  1. Hi Anne,
    I always enjoy reading your posts and seeing your creativity at work…plus the pictures of three really cute and handsome boys doesn’t hurt anything either. HOWEVER, it sounds like you are being a really normal mom right now and that makes the rest of us feel a lot better because usually you are making the rest of us look bad because we can’t keep up with you!! Seriously!! You deserve to “let things go” for a little while and just relax in the fact that it is summer and the schedules will be taking over your life very shortly. We didn’t have as many “lazy days of summer” this year as I would have liked and I’m already re-thinking plans for next summer! You definitely are not in a funk, you are just enjoying summer the way it should be enjoyed and there will be too few of these days ahead so enjoy them when you can! And thanks for giving me a few guilt-free days of not being super mom like you!!!!!

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