Posted in August 2010

Back to School

Chris and Cole started school today!  Chris started his year #2 of the MBA program at IU.  He’s happy to not be the rookie anymore!  And Cole started preschool.  Gasp!  We had special back to school breakfast of cinnamon rolls and fruit, and then we sent the boys off on their adventures.  We are excited … Continue reading

K & E

Kristy and Emilee visited us from CA!   Kristy is Chris’s step-sister and Emilee is her daughter.  They came to the Midwest to drop Danielle, Emilee’s older sister, off at school at University of Illinois, Chicago.  They took an extra couple days and down to see us.  We introduced them to Zeke, showed them IU, … Continue reading


I decided to subscribe to our local newspaper, The Herald Times. I did it mostly for the coupon inserts that come on Sundays, since I’ve heard rave reviews about this and of course, who doesn’t want to save money?   Two days ago we received our first paper.  That afternoon Chris and I pored over … Continue reading


This kid loves food already.  He puts his arms out like he’s giving me a hug after every bite.  I love it!

Fair Food

We experienced the Indiana State Fair last night!  I hadn’t been since high school, and Chris and boys had never been. So we left Zeke with a babysitter, and the rest of us ventured out to the fairgrounds with my mom and dad.  I’m pretty sure Zeke doesn’t care about the fried fair food.  And … Continue reading


Cole and Max have been climbing this tree on the side of our house.  It’s a new experience for them, and I’ve loved watching their determination.  And of course, it’s summer…no shoes necessary!   We’ve also started giving Zeke some cereal this week.  Gasp!  He’s doing better and better with it every day.   I … Continue reading


We spent a fantastic week in Northern Michigan last week.  Impossible to capture with words!   I’ll try, though… Cole and Max spent more time in the lake than on dry land.   They jumped and swam with little fear and much intensity and gusto!    They played hard and slept hard and ate more … Continue reading

4 Months

Zeke is 4 months old.  My, how time flies!  He had lots of firsts this month.  Most of them happened just in the last week or so!  He jumped in the Johnny Jumper, swang in the park swing, and he likes to play in the Exersaucer.   I took him for his check up yesterday … Continue reading

One Great Visit

The Downers came to Bloomington for a visit!  Chris and John were roommates years ago when they both lived in Austria working with refugees.   John, his wife Naomi, and their two boys, Brennan and Owen, now live in Richmond, VA.   Brennan was born a week before Max and Owen was born a few … Continue reading