K & E

Kristy and Emilee visited us from CA!   Kristy is Chris’s step-sister and Emilee is her daughter.  They came to the Midwest to drop Danielle, Emilee’s older sister, off at school at University of Illinois, Chicago.  They took an extra couple days and down to see us.  We introduced them to Zeke, showed them IU, picked up a treat at the Union, taught them Corn Hole, and took a few spins on Chris’s scooter.  We even had ice cream and brownie sundaes while watching a movie in our PJs.  Cole and Max absolutely loved playing with Emilee, and I think she had a lot of fun with them, too!  What a fun, fun visit!


One thought on “K & E

  1. Emilee absolutely loves Cole and Max and was so excited that she was going to be able to see them. I’m so glad she got to meet Zeke and hold him. She loved driving the scooter and called me on my cell so excited about it. So glad they were able to spend time with you and enjoy your wonderful hospitality!

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