I decided to subscribe to our local newspaper, The Herald Times. I did it mostly for the coupon inserts that come on Sundays, since I’ve heard rave reviews about this and of course, who doesn’t want to save money?   Two days ago we received our first paper.  That afternoon Chris and I pored over the paper while laying on the living room floor during naptime…a weird form of a date!   I successfully clipped my coupons and even found one for a free smoothie from McDonald’s.   That, alone, exceeded the price of the Sunday paper.   Thankyouverymuch, Herald Times!

I thought I clicked ‘Sunday Only’ online, so we were surprised when the paper landed on our porch on Monday morning.   I took a few minutes to read through it and lo and behold, I found several great things!   Dorky, yes.  Interesting, YES!   I found a list of restaurants in town that were cited for food violations.  Eeew!  I also found the list of restaurants that passed the inspection with flying colors.  I now know where we will and will NOT eat out in the future.  I also read an article describing the life of an author  named Rachel Peden.  She penned three books about life on a farm in Southern Indiana.  I’ve been so interested lately in the food industry and specifically how food gets from it’s origin to our table.  So I was curious to read about how her table’s bounty revolved around the season’s produce.   I was most stunned, though, by the author’s last name, Peden.  That was my great-grandmother’s maiden name!  I immediately called my grandma and chatted with her about my finding, and found myself more and more thankful that I clicked the wrong button while subscribing to the paper.   This brings me to today.  I hurried outside after breakfast and found the Tuesday paper, waiting for me to dive in.  Again, dorky.  And again, interesting!   On Tuesdays our paper prints a kid’s page.  Today’s topic:  Kangaroos.   We read all about kangaroos and learned some pretty amazing stuff.  Did you know that kangaroos can jump over a 6.5 ft. person?  Did you know that baby joeys are only 1 in. long at birth?   Did you know that kangaroos can only live about 6 years in the wild, but if cared for in captivity they can live longer?   I also learned today about some of the Colts’ new players for this season, the scoop on the IU football team, and that the 33 miners who are trapped in a mine thanks to a landslide in Chile are now receiving food even though they haven’t been rescued yet.  Whew!  Needless to say, three days in and I’m hooked on The Herald Times.  It’s a small (and recyclable!) way I can become more educated about the world around me.   Can’t wait to see what Wednesday brings!


2 thoughts on “News

  1. Hi Anne! We love the Herald Times too! It makes us feel very connected locally and lets us know things going on around town that we wouldn’t normally know about. If you want to connect with the Sports section, just look for “Hallie Pedersen’s” name in the golf section for Bloomington High School South! She plays another tournament tomorrow so her score should be in Thursday’s paper 🙂 (Sorry about the shameless plug for our freshman daughter playing on the varsity team!!) Anyway, the Peden Farm is popular with the kindergarten classes around town (I think that’s the grade)…a lot of them take a field trip there once a year and it’s a huge tradition. One more thing…if you want some REAL entertainment….go online to the (you get it free with your subscription) and read the comments that people leave regarding certain stories. Some people really get fired up about certain topics and it’s very funny/sad/crazy/entertaining! As always, I enjoy your posts! Take care.

  2. Annie,
    Have you ever seen the movie Food Inc? Not for viewing on a weak stomach but really interesting concept about eating locally…

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