Posted in September 2010

Say Cheese!

About two weeks ago, we helped my dad’s administrative assistant, Julie, with a secret!  She has her own photography business, and asked to take some pictures of our boys to make a gift for my dad’s birthday, which is in November.  Of course, we were excited to help.  She came down and spent an hour … Continue reading


Ever since this moment…July 2008 Max 6 months & Cole 2 years 3 months I’ve been waiting for this moment…September 2010 Zeke almost 6 months, Max 2 years 8 months, & Cole 4 1/2 years Love moments like these.  Love. I also love a few more things that have been happening lately… Cole’s preschool teachers … Continue reading


Stories.  We’ve had lots of them around here lately.  The boys made puppets one afternoon and put on show for Zeke and me.  I laughed so hard!   Since preschool started, Cole has been much more willing to engage with stories and initiate his own ideas.  He reads on his own a lot more, makes … Continue reading

Z @ 5 months

This is often how I find Zeke after a nap or in the morning.  Eyes open, sucking on his fingers, looking around, and often his little bottom stuck up in the air underneath the fuzzy blanket.   So cute!  Zeke turned 5 months old on September 1, and we can hardly believe it!

Play & Learn

I love Cole’s preschool so much.  One of my favorite things is that their philosophy centers on learning through play and curiosity.   One week in and he is already having rich experiences in art, science, literacy, and more.  When I picked Cole up on Tuesday, he and some other boys were building a river … Continue reading