Stories.  We’ve had lots of them around here lately.  The boys made puppets one afternoon and put on show for Zeke and me.  I laughed so hard!   Since preschool started, Cole has been much more willing to engage with stories and initiate his own ideas.  He reads on his own a lot more, makes up his own stories, and asks us to tell him stories.  He’s always loved being read to, and now his horizons are expanding.  I love it!  Max is following Cole’s example, too.

Yesterday afternoon I captured Max strolling around the backyard in the photo above saying, “get on your mark!  get on your mark!  get on your mark!”  Again, I laughed so hard!

And Zeke.  Oh, sweet Zeke!  His first tooth is poking through.  He’s sitting up…wobbly still.  He loves to roll around on the floor both directions now, and much prefers being on his tummy where he can push up on his arms and kick his legs.   What a little blessing he is to our family.

Life is moving pretty fast these days now that school is in full swing, hence my lack of blogging.  I do love our new routine, though, and am thankful that Chris’s schedule allows for some time at home every day.  The morning is pretty quiet with Cole at school, Zeke napping, and Max hanging out with me.  We pick Cole up and come home for lunch and a rest in the afternoon.  After we rest, there is a good hour and a half or two hour block of time where no one needs to eat or sleep so we venture out to to do something…the park, a walk, an errand, or maybe ice cream!  It’s working well for this stage.  I love the predictability of it, and I think the boys thrive on that, too.  The start of the school year is heaving on networking and recruiting (along with classes!) for Chris.  Companies come to campus to look for students to hire full time upon graduation.  So, the interviews begin in early October.   We are trusting that God provides the best job for Chris and our family.   So it’s a lot to juggle around here, but all good things.  Very good things!


One thought on “Stories

  1. Just returned from our trip back East, and got caught up with your blog and pictures.I love how you share what’s happening! The pictures are precious! We love and miss you…

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