Ever since this moment…July 2008

Max 6 months & Cole 2 years 3 months

I’ve been waiting for this moment…September 2010

Zeke almost 6 months, Max 2 years 8 months, & Cole 4 1/2 years

Love moments like these.  Love.

I also love a few more things that have been happening lately…

Cole’s preschool teachers set up a volcano-making station in the classroom thanks to Cole’s volcano obsession.  Max ran with me on the Clear Creek Trail today.  He ran at least 1/4 mile without stopping and was ahead of me, Zeke, and the stroller!  Zeke is holding his own in his highchair at the dinner table now.  He’s not drumming on the table with the others yet, but soon!  Cole has been so interested in writing letters lately.  I mean letters to put in the mail.  He’s beginning to sound out words and read them, too.  Fascinating!   Max is still not so interested in using the toilet…bummer.  Every so often I think we are making progress, though.  Sometime soon I hope it sticks.    Zeke is sitting up better and better and just yesterday I caught Max doing funny tricks to make Zeke belly laugh.   Love.


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