Straight No Chaser happened to be in Bloomington today on their way to Illinois, so we got a chance to hang out with Uncle Mike.   Cole and Max sure think he’s a superstar!   We played 4 games of Crazy Eights this afternoon and believe it or not, Cole won 2 games and Max won 2 games.  Fair and square.  Max told Mike he was a bad shuffler.  Ha!    The best part, besides just seeing Mike of course, was exploring the huge buses these guys consider home during the tour.  Cole and Max got to be pretend bus drivers, climb in the luggage containers underneath the bus, drink orange juice in the “lounge”, play with the TV remote, and see Mike’s bunk.  I can’t imagine sleeping in a bus for months at a time, but Mike says it’s not too bad.  SNC has 2 buses for this tour compared to the 1 bus from the last tour, so there’s more space and privacy.    What a crazy life he leads right now!  We’re thankful to have had an afternoon with the superstar!   And…check out the SNC website to see if you can catch their show in your city.  You won’t regret it!  Here’s a teaser from a show a couple days ago in PA…



One thought on “Superstar

  1. SNC will be doing a concert about an hour or so from us near Palm Springs,on November 6th…. But that’s when we will be having special guests from Bloomington stay with us! Can’t wait!

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