Posted in November 2010

‘Tis the Season

I think Zeke is trying to hug the tree on my parents’ front porch.   He’s so excited about Christmas!   And, yes, he shimmied his way on his tummy over to the door and sat there.  I did not stage it.  He is officially on.  the.  move.   Ooh! We just returned home from … Continue reading


It started a few weeks ago.  I began thinking of ways for our family to get involved with serving others, especially during the holidays.  A great opportunity for little kids is to pack shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child.  So yesterday afternoon, we explained to Cole and Max that so many kids around the world don’t … Continue reading

Man in the Mirror

Zeke talked to himself in the mirror this afternoon.  Boy, was he funny!   And that little hand on the mouth trick at the end…a Zeke trademark.

Recycled Art

Let me tell you….Cole and Max will build with just about anything.  So this afternoon, I rolled up sheets of newspaper to make long rods and secured them with masking tape.  We taped a few rods to the floor and then started taping rods up and out to create a sculpture.  It was huge and … Continue reading


Zeke is threatening to crawl.  Eek!  He rarely sits anymore.   He dives, flips, rolls, and rocks on his hands and knees.  It’s so entertaining!    He hasn’t gotten the hang of crawling yet, but he’s pretty good at pushing himself backwards.  He can also do the plank!  I’m so impressed!  He sticks his little … Continue reading

Night Walkin’

We’ve been a night walkin’ lately.  Thanks to daylight savings time, it’s dark by late afternoon.  So off we went after dinner!  Flashlights in hand, we explored under and behind trees, talked about shadows, and listened for new night sounds.   Fresh air and exercise right before bed…love it!

The Clampitts

Our dear friend, Heidi, got married last weekend, and we were lucky enough to attend.  We worked at Vienna Christian School with Heidi, and we also lived in the same building while there.  Her wedding was in Southern CA, so we jumped at the chance to fly out west and visit Chris’s family too.  We … Continue reading

Trick or Treat

The boys and their costumes:  Astronaut, Man-with-10-collared-shirts, Tiger, & Pirate.  I just went as a mom, photographer, and most importantly, candy eater!