Today is December 1!  We are officially advent-ing.  Is that a word?  This year I decided to make a calendar that will hopefully last a few years.  I sewed drawstring bags from four different patterns and attached the numbers with cardstock and pipe cleaners.  Elementary crafting at it’s best!   Today we made snowflakes.  Tomorrow we are going to play the Christmas card game.  A few other activities on the line-up include making gumdrop trees, baking and delivering cookies to our neighbors, watching the Charlie Brown Christmas movie, reading lots of Christmas books, making peppermint playdough, taking winter nature walks, and of course, using our Little People nativity set (plus added cardboard and felt shepherd and angel puppets) to tell and retell and retell the story of Jesus’s birthday.  We may even make Jesus a birthday cake.  Yum!  The boys don’t know this yet, (shhh…don’t tell!) but Chris and I are giving them a puppet theatre and puppets for Christmas.  I wish we could get it out now because they are SO in to puppets and stories.  I can’t wait!  Happy Advent-ing!



3 thoughts on “Advent-ing

  1. Chris and Anne: We are amazed at your commitment to each other and your family. Modeling values that last and that matter. Your boys are very blessed to have you as parents. We’re so proud of all of you. Gammy & Bubba

  2. After seeing the picture of Zeke and reading about how you are teaching the boys about Advent and the true meaning of Christmas, I wanted to comment… and just realized Bubba already did… I totally agree with what he said! You are amazing parents! I love the idea about the birthday cake!! Yes, Anne, I can see you in Zeke! Give the boys a big hug from us…
    Love, Gammy

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