This Kid

I can finally see it.  Finally, I can look at a photo of one of our boys and say, Yes!  This kid looks like me!   I usually can’t really tell.  Do you see it?

Zeke is 8 months old today, and man, is he crazy!  He’s moving all over the place, chewing on everything, getting into everyone’s business, and he loves it.   He loves it when people look at him, smile at him, and make him laugh.   He loves to feed himself now, too, which is way more messy and way more time consuming.  It is cute, though!   Today he had carrot, avocado, and cheese pieces, and I even tried giving him some toast.   He ate it all!  Last week he pretty much screamed until I shared my grilled cheese with him, so I should’ve known this was coming.  I don’t remember Cole or Max being so aware of food, and neither of them started crawling so early either.  Zeke must be motivated!


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