Big Boys


Boy, are these boys getting BIG!   Max has been asking for a basketball, so with some Christmas money from Aunt Debbie, we bought him his very own mini ball.  It’s been fairly warm here, so Max has been out shooting hoops.  Today I asked, “Max, are you like Kobe?”  He replied, while running, “Yeah, I’m like Kobe.  But I’m not really Kobe.  I’m Max.”  And then he scored 2 more points.  Sidenote…this basketball goal was a free find from our neighbor, Dave.  Love!

Yesterday I took Cole ice skating for the very first time.  Yahoo!  I love ice skating!  Cole was excited to go, and did a fantastic job.  By the end of our hour or so there, he was holding only one of my hands and skating around the rink very slowly.   We stopped at Red Mango on the way home for a treat.  Yum!


One thought on “Big Boys

  1. Hi,
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    Sally Everett

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