Posted in January 2011


Max left this picture for Chris on our front door this afternoon.   He signed his name by himself…can you see it?   He’s done this a couple times in the last week or so.  Hooray Max! Advertisements


It’s been one of those weeks.   I turn around one moment and the next I find Zeke posted on the dishwasher door licking last night’s dirty dishes.  I text Chris to find out that yes, another meeting runs right through dinner time, again.   Every. night. this. week.  I rush through the unending snow … Continue reading

Bad Day Playlist

Zeke is making me nuts.  He can’t help it, really.  Four teeth coming in at once is painful!  This process has been dragging on for over a week, though, and I’m finding it difficult to provide continual sympathy.   It’s to the point where he cries unless he’s eating or I’m holding him.  And I … Continue reading


Max visited the dentist for the first time today.  What a milestone!   I hoped it would be a great experience, and it was, mostly thanks to Cole’s influence.  Cole has loved the dentist since his first visit a few years ago and talked it up so well to Max that he did our job … Continue reading


I am so thankful for my boots.  Especially on this very snowy day!   It’s a practical reminder that we really do have everything (and way more than) we need.   A definite blessing.  It’s funny…when it’s summertime I often long for my cozy fleece and boots.  And when it’s winter I long for a … Continue reading


Cole and Max have been getting their teamwork groove on lately and I love it.   Pajamas all day, puzzles, Wii, riding on a train (laundry basket) and being stopped by a moose on the tracks (eek!), building houses out of spaghetti and marshmallows, and car washes  and spaceships out of legos.    I’m not … Continue reading


Zeke’s style: To boldly explore and bust into everyone else’s business.  See what happened in the bath tonight?  I can’t believe he’s only 9 months old.  He crawls, stands, and climbs on top of and over things like the dishwasher door.   Also this week we learned that Zeke likes lasagna and tuna salad, and … Continue reading


We just returned home from a week in Jamaica with my parents and Mike and Zoe.  Amazing!   A few highlights… Max turned 3! Chris, Cole, and Max swam and played with a dolphin We hung out with a few wonderful local Jamaicans…Hazel, Cecil, and Andrene…we loved them!   Hazel taught me how to make … Continue reading