We just returned home from a week in Jamaica with my parents and Mike and Zoe.  Amazing!   A few highlights…

  • Max turned 3!
  • Chris, Cole, and Max swam and played with a dolphin
  • We hung out with a few wonderful local Jamaicans…Hazel, Cecil, and Andrene…we loved them!   Hazel taught me how to make Jamaican Jerk Chicken.  Yum!
  • Our cell phones were OFF for seven solid days
  • Zeke ate a lot of sand (eew!) and learned to love swimming in the ocean
  • Cole and Max showed off their rad dance moves at the beach barbeque
  • All of us added a few more phrases to our vocabulary:  yeah man!, irie!, and no problem man!
  • My dad took all of the amazing pictures…way to go, Dad!

We flew home on Sunday, and jumped right into Chris’s final semester of business school on Monday.  Graduation is only a few months away!  We also came back to a big snowstorm and so Cole hasn’t made it back to preschool yet.  I hope tomorrow will be a normal day!


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